Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Now Comes in a Pill

Love in a pill

Billycoy Tablets 25mg or 50mg. Billycoy Quickie capsules 25mg or 50mg.

Indications: Short-term treatment for lovelessness, low self-esteem, virginity and libido. It also cures loss of appetite with sex and longing for Billycoy Dacuycuy.

Dosage: Adults: Female: Maximum of 100mg per day. Male: Maximum of 50 mg per day.

Contraindications: Being a virgin since birth and high levels of libido.

Precautions/Warnings: Symptoms/History of cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Central nervous disturbances include loss of concentration with current activity and may be diverted with daydreaming, lucid imagination and hyperactivity of wet dreams. Prolonged treatment with horniness, sexual addiction and more than often erection/wetting may be necessary.

Adverse reactions: Occasional: Uncontrollable masturbation, raping of mirror, self-love, narcissism, multiple orgasms and watching of porn often. Rare: Loss of interest with a sexual partner, swelling of palms or fingers because of friction, stained floors or clothings because of lovejuices and drug dependency when horny. Isolated cases: Lovejuice drought, massive wetting or emissions, aggravated psychological symptoms of a sex maniac.

Note: Please review product information before prescribing.


Heto ang handog ko para sa mga kapareho kong mga Untouched Since Birth (USB), loveless, virgin at mga brokenhearted ngayong araw ng mga puso. Kaya pumunta sa malapit na hardware at bilhin ang gamot na ito. NOW NA!


The Gasoline Dude said...

San ba nakakabili nito? Sa Mercury meron? Hehehe! = P

kingdaddyrich said...

pumunta ako sa hardware.. out of stock na raw,..

tsk tsk

Micaela said...

Wala ka bang libreng samples dyan? Padalhan mo naman ako fren :D

aaronjames said...

bakit ang bilis naubos ng gamot mo? nagtataka tuloy yung pharmacist na binibilan ko sa drugstore. bakit daw ang dami naghahanap. lol

P0ytee said...

OMG Billycoy, naeskandalo ako sa post mo! Haha! Sana nga may drug na ganito.. para makapang-rape ng minor. Joke.

Anonymous said...

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